Is this the most creative in-flight safety video ever?

Is this the most creative in-flight safety video ever?

TORONTO — If you’ve ever caught yourself yawning during an in-flight safety video, you’re probably not the only one.

Airlines have finally caught on to the fact that these videos – though totally necessary – can be a total bore. As such, some carriers, most notably Air New Zealand and British Airways, have turned safety into Hollywood-caliber spectacles, with celebrities and stunning cinematography grabbing the attention of passengers from start to finish.

Turkish Airlines has also employed celebrities – of the animated kind – to help tout the importance of safety. Last August, the airline debuted the first-ever LEGO passenger safety video to coincide with the launch of the blockbuster hit The LEGO Movie. The video was an instant hit, topping the viral charts with 20 million views in just one month, and bringing home the gold at the 2018 Clio Entertainment Awards.

Now, with The LEGO Movie 2 currently in theatres around the world, Turkish Airlines has released a sequel of its own – a second in-flight safety video featuring the same lovable LEGO characters.

The 4-minute and 27-second video, which took 979 hours to make by over 400 people in five countries, features a whopping 20,330,795 LEGO bricks, ten times the amount used in the first LEGO movie-themed safety video.

Alongside the animated leads – Emmet, Lucy and LEGO Batman himself – the video also features some of Turkish Airlines’ most exciting destinations, including Bali, Moscow, San Francisco, Rome, Cape Town and Tokyo, ending finally at the carrier’s iconic new home at Istanbul Airport.

It’s an around-the-world adventure starring cute, lovable LEGO people, created by one of the world’s best airlines. Safety has never been more fun!

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