India is ‘filling the gap’ for exotic destination seekers, says Insight
Cris David, President, Insight Vacations Canada; Carla Brake, Vice President of Sales, Insight Vacations Canada; Jeff Element, President, The Travel Corporation Canada.

India is ‘filling the gap’ for exotic destination seekers, says Insight

TORONTO — Insight Vacations has always had success in exotic locations.  The luxury tour operator offers a level of comfort and security that clients seek in untamed destinations.

Previously the luxury tour operator had great success in the Middle East with destinations such as Egypt and Turkey making up 25% of sales. Due to recent unrest it’s been harder for the company to attract travellers to the area.

“India is benefiting from the sinking fortunes of some other exotic destinations,” said Cris David, President of Insight Vacations Canada at an event last night promoting the company’s Luxury Gold India collection. “India is filling the gap.”

For good reason too. For Canadians, getting to India has never been easier or cheaper. “The access is greater than it’s ever been,” said David, with Air Canada announcing a new nonstop route from Vancouver to Delhi only yesterday. This combined with India extending its e-visa program to Canadians last year has also helped sway clients to the destination.

Last night’s event promoted 10 new Luxury Gold tours in India for 2016-17. The tours centre around the three Luxury Gold pillars: luxury hotels, exclusive experiences and fine dinning. Three of the highlighted tours are the 21-day ‘Grand India Tour’, the 16-day ‘Spirit of the North and South’ itinerary, and the nine-day ‘Essence of India Tour’.

In addition to the main itineraries there are five mini-trips, which can be booked independently or as extensions. The mini-trips include the six-day Bhutan Dragon Kingdom, six-day Classical Sri Lanka, four-day Magnificent Nepal, three-day Fascinating Mumbai and the four-day Spiritual Divine.

David said the Luxury Gold brand has been popular since the launch last year. “It represents the ultimate aspirational trip,” he said, adding many travellers book the trips for milestone holidays like anniversaries or birthdays. He wants agents to know they should “emphasis the value” to their clients, as they see a lot of people upgrade their trips to Luxury Gold when they see what comes with the tour.

Departures are available from August 2016. For more information, contact your local Sales Manager, visit, or contact an Insight Specialist at the National Sales Centre at 1-800-387-8490.

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