In these 10 cities hotels are still cheaper than an Airbnb

TORONTO — Airbnb isn’t always the cheaper option, as one study has just proven.

The team at recently analyzed the average cost of a hotel compared to an Airbnb in 52 major cities around the world to determine which would be the cheaper option for travellers.

Although an Airbnb proved to be more affordable in the vast majority of the cities studied (42 out of the 52), hotels in 10 cities remain the better option for budget-conscious travellers.

The 10 cities where a hotel is cheaper than an Airbnb (and the savings travellers can make) are:

1. Santa Cruz, United States – US$198.29
2. Mallorca, Spain – $75.00
3. Venice, Italy – $67.80
4. San Diego, United States – $57.45
5. San Jose, United States – $42.18
6. Austin, United States – $25.11
7. Naples, Italy – $9.72
8. Berlin, Germany – $6.87
9. Boston, United States – $4.60
10. Oakland, United States – $3.31

(Prices and conversions correct as of May/June 2019.)

On the flip side, the city where travellers can save the most with an Airbnb is Providence, Rhode Island, which offers savings of approximately US$181.15. This was followed closely by Geneva and Washington D.C., where travellers can enjoy savings of up to $176.20 and $173.50, respectively, when booking an Airbnb over a hotel.

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