Huntington unveils new online booking engine for 2014

TORONTO — Huntington has just introduced its enhanced B2B online consolidator booking engine for 2014, for exclusive use by travel agents.

Added functions will allow agents to make simpler and smarter online bookings. While keeping all of its current functionality, this booking engine will now offer better usability with the incorporation of sliders and filters, and now gives the agent the ability to choose from two new themes, ‘Flights & Fares’ or ‘Industry Standard’.

The historical ‘classic view’ will also still be an option for agents to use.

“Each theme has its own unique layout and functionalities so that agents can tailor their experience based on what they like to see. Unlike competitor engines that search availability for only a small number of airlines, our booking engine will display available fares for all of the airlines that we offer,” says Kiran Budhdev, President of Huntington Travel.

The company claims that the new engine will allow travel agents to complete their day-to-day travel transactions more effectively, cutting search and booking times in half.

Travel agents can continue to use their online access without issue. Agents requesting access to Huntington’s online database of net and published fares can visit and click on ‘Register Now’ to apply.

For further information on Huntington’s new online consolidator booking engine agents can call toll free at 1-800-563-8939 or locally at 905-820-2266.

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