How many bags of Cheetos would it take for TSA to stop you at the airport?

TORONTO — For most people, essential items in a carry-on bag would include things like a phone, or tissues, or an extra sweater to wear on the plane. But for one traveller, the one must-have essential was Hot Cheetos – and lots of it.

As reported by Delish, a traveller named Emily Mei who was on her way to Korea was stopped by a TSA agent at the airport for suspicious-looking items in her carry-on bag. One bag of the super-spicy cheese chips wouldn’t normally cause alarm – but over 10?!

Girl was packin’ some serious heat!

After posting a video to Twitter of the TSA agent inspecting her bag, Mei wrote:

“Will never forget the day TSA stopped me cuz they thought I was hiding s*** inside my bag cuz all I had was like 20 bags of Hot Cheetos.”

To clear up any confusion (no, Mei isn’t that obsessed with Cheetos), she wrote in a follow-up tweet: “For everyone who’s asking why I had so many bags of Hot Cheetos, apparently it’s hard to get in Korea so my friends always ask me to bring it for them LOL.”

This prompted people to reply to her video with TSA tales of their own. @fridge_repair wrote: “I had 10 sandwiches (for my family to eat at the airport) and they opened and looked inside EACH sandwich.”

@dajaskye1 added: “I had cheesecakes and they made me open every box I was hella mad.”

And @erink95 contributed this gem: “One time I saw a guy’s luggage get emptied out at security and there was literally an entire suitcase full of packaged uncooked bacon…I was so confused, intrigued and wish I had taken a picture.”

No word as to whether Mei was permitted to fly with that much heat, but if she was we’re hoping her friends in Korea appreciated what she went through to bring home the goods!

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