How Fareconnect is looking to the future and being proactive amid the pandemic

TORONTO — is #FCStandingStrong throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, choosing to be proactive instead of resting on its laurels.

The Winnipeg-based host agency, which comprises approximately 200 ICs and two brick & mortar stores, has taken steps to support its agents through various initiatives in preparation for when global travel resumes.

According to CEO Rick Gaudet, the company, like many others in the travel industry, were hit hard at the start of the pandemic, but is weathering the storm – together.

“The first few weeks were tough on everyone, there were a lot of late nights as the situation unfolded and I’m proud of my team,” he says. “Everyone rolled up their sleeves and did what we do best, which is putting our agents first.”

Its head office, he adds, came together to ensure assistance for any agent who had stranded travellers abroad. Once the steady stream of booking cancellations slowed, the company then moved on to providing agents with resources and tools in preparation for future travel, including an Emergency Travel Agent Survival Kit and bi-weekly live webinars dedicated to sales, marketing and social media.

Fareconnect also went ahead with its planned launch of a brand new internal resource platform, which Gaudet says was a sign of support to its agents. The new platform provides agents with information, contacts, training, resources and other useful content designed to increase sales, boost industry knowledge and strengthen client relationships in the interim.

Moreover, Fareconnect revamped its newsletter to feature plenty of travel content, recipes and fun virtual tours that engage clients and inspire future travel. This, says Gaudet, was done alongside its agents.

“We always get input from our agents – in the end they are the ones who need and will use these resources,” he says. “It’s important to us that all agents feel that this is their company and their opinions and needs matter.”

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