Hotel company dishes out refunds if couples divorce after their stay

Hotel company dishes out refunds if couples divorce after their stay

AKERSBERGA, SWEDEN — Everything comes at a price at a hotel, including bottled water and that can of nuts sitting atop the counter. But how much would it cost for a hotel to save your marriage?

According to TravelTalk, Countryside Hotels in Sweden is going above and beyond the usual suite of amenities by offering a ‘relationship guarantee’. How it works is simple enough: married couples who check into the hotel on a last-ditch effort to save their marriage will get a refund if they still end up divorcing within a year.

That’s how confident the hotel chain is in its cozy and quaint properties, described on its website as “Country hotels & inns with a story to tell”. The company will happily refuse a couple’s money if they don’t fall back in love during their stay. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

To be eligible for the refund, a married couple has to sleep in the same room and book it under Countryside Hotels’ ‘relationship guarantee’. If they break up less than 12 months after their stay, they’ll receive a refund for two nights on the condition they provide divorce papers as proof.

“We have welcomed couples to our hotels and mansions around Sweden and see how beneficial it can be to get away for a while and devote time to each other,” a spokesperson for the company told Swedish The Local. “Quite a few have been surprised about the guarantee and wondered if it’s real. We feel that it’s been well received so far.”

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