Home-based agents: Don’t miss the 2018 Canadian Home-Based Agent survey

Home-based agents: Don’t miss the 2018 Canadian Home-Based Agent survey

A year ago the industry saw the results of the first Canadian home-based agent survey. Home-based agents now make up about 35% of all Canadian travel agents.

The survey is being offered again this month and is now open for all home-based agents to participate in. This is the only known survey in Canada that is focused 100% on the home-based agent.

Why is it important to participate? Because this is your only real chance to give your input as a home-based agent on many issues of importance to other HBAs like yourself, and also to the industry. Nobody is speaking for the home-based agent in the industry today. And yet home-based agents make up a third of all travel agents in Canada!

You are not employees, you are all independent travel professionals and your voices need to be heard just as much as travel agencies and OTAs.

This survey provides invaluable insight and input from this rapidly growing industry segment and the results are shared with the industry and with all participants.

Here are 6 highlights from last year:

  • 50% of HBAs made the decision to go home based in the last 5 years, explaining the astonishing growth in this sector all of a sudden.
  • Over 60% were experienced agents working in a bricks-and-mortar agency before going home based.
  • Almost 50% said they were earning more now than when they worked in a bricks and mortar agency.
  • 92% said they believe they have a better work life since becoming an HBA.
  • 76% were satisfied with their compensation, with a third of those 100% satisfied.
  • 46% of home-based agents surveyed said they do not charge clients a booking fee. However, 39% do charge a fee of $30 or more.

To voice your opinions on this year’s survey go to hbacanadasurvey.ca. Every home-based agent who fills out the survey will be entered into a draw for three $100 gift certificates.

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