Here’s where the Crystal Endeavor will sail in in 2023
Crystal Endeavor

Here’s where the Crystal Endeavor will sail in in 2023

MIAMI — Crystal Expedition Cruises has unveiled its full roster of 2023 voyages for Crystal Endeavor, featuring 27 itineraries including two in early January 2024.

The first-ever ‘made-in-Germany’ Polar Class Six, all-suite, all-verandah luxury expedition yacht will sail itineraries ranging from 10 to 28 nights to the Arctic and Antarctic; South America and offshore islands; Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean and Western Europe; the British and Scottish Isles; Iceland and the Faroe Islands; the North Cape and Svalbard; the Russian Arctic and the Northeast Passage; Japan and the Inland Sea; the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago; and Australia including New Year’s Eve in Sydney.

Reservations for Crystal Endeavor’s 2023-2024 voyages open June 24, 2021 with all-inclusive 2-for-1 cruise fares from US$7,499 per guest and up to $2,000 Book Now Savings per guest.

“Our remote expeditions offer guests access to lands few people have ever laid eyes on, let alone set foot upon, and several you would be hard-pressed to find on a map,” said Jack Anderson, president of Crystal. “With three types of voyages – Remote Expeditions, Destination Explorations and Cultural Discovery – there is a unique itinerary for every type of adventurer.”



Crystal Endeavor’s full-year 2023 & 2024 deployment is as follows:

Antarctica, the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia

  • Expedition Antarctica (Remote Expedition) 

11-night, January 7 – 18, 2023, Round-trip Ushuaia, Argentina 

11-night, February 6 – 17, 2023, Round-trip Ushuaia, Argentina

  • Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica Wildlife Expedition (Remote Expedition)
    19-night, January 18 – February 6, 2023, Round-trip Ushuaia, Argentina 
  • Beyond the Antarctic Circle (Remote Expedition)
    14-night, February 17 – March 3, 2023, Round-trip Ushuaia, Argentina 
  • Falkland Islands & South Georgia Wildlife Expedition (Remote Expedition)
    15-night, March 3 – 18, 2023, Ushuaia to Buenos Aires, Argentina 
  • Antarctica & The Ross Sea Expedition (Remote Expedition)
    22-nights, January 6 – 28, 2024, Hobart, Australia to Dunedin, New Zealand
    22-nights, January 28 – February 18, 2024, Dunedin, New Zealand to Hobart, Tasmania

South America

  • Exploration in Brazil & Argentina (Destination Exploration)
    10-night, March 18 – 28, 2023, Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Atlantic Explorer: Brazil, Cape Verde & The Canaries (Destination Exploration) 15-night, March 28 – April 12, 2023, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Canary Islands, Spain


  • Andalusia, Morocco & The Mediterranean (Cultural Discovery)
    11-night, April 12 – 23, 2023, Canary Islands, Spain to Nice, France
  • Cote D’Azur, Catalonia & Andalusia Discovery (Cultural Discovery)
    12-night, April 23 – May 5, 2023, Nice, France to Seville, Spain

Western Europe & the British Isles

  • River Discovery: Guadalquivir, Tagus & Garonne (Cultural Discovery) 

10-night, May 5 – 15, 2023, Seville, Spain to Bordeaux, France

  • Journey to Bordeaux, Normandy & the Hague (Cultural Discovery) 

11-night, May 15 – 26, 2023, Bordeaux, France to Portsmouth, United Kingdom

  • Exploration: Springtime in the British Isles (Destination Exploration) 

14-nights, May 26 – June 9, 2023, Portsmouth, United Kingdom to Edinburgh, Scotland

Faroe Islands, Iceland & Svalbard

  • Scottish Isle, Faroes & Icelandic Wildlife Expedition (Destination Exploration)
    12-nights, June 9 – 21, 2023, Edinburgh, Scotland to Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Expedition Iceland (Destination Exploration)
    10-nights, June 21 – July 1, 2023, Round-trip Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Arctic Adventure: Iceland, Svalbard & The North Cape (Remote Expedition)
    15-nights, July 1 – 16, 2023, Reykjavik, Iceland to Tromsø, Norway


  • Russian Arctic Expedition & The North Cape (Remote Expedition)
    17-nights, July 16 – August 2, 2023, Round-trip Tromsø, Norway
  • Northeast Passage (Remote Expedition)
    28-nights, August 2 – 30, 2023, Tromsø, Norway to Anadyr, Russia
  • Expedition: Kamchatka, The Kurils & Hokkaido (Remote Expedition)
    17-nights, August 30 – September 16, 2023, Anadyr, Russia to Tokyo, Japan


  • Russian Far East & Japan (Remote Expedition)
    17-nights, September 16 – October 3, 2023, Round-trip Tokyo, Japan
  • Japan’s Cultural & Coastal Discovery (Cultural Discovery)
    17-nights, October 3 – 20, 2023, Round-trip Tokyo, Japan
  • Autumn in Japan: Gardens & Empires (Cultural Discovery)
    16-nights, October 20 – November 5, 2023, Round-trip Tokyo, Japan
  • Island Explorations of Japan (Destination Exploration) 16-nights, November 5 – 21, 2023, Tokyo, Japan to Taipei, Taiwan

Indonesia & Australia

  • Philippines, Borneo & Indonesian Quest (Remote Expedition)
    16-night, November 21 – December 7, 2023, Taipei, Taiwan to Bali, Indonesia
  • Expedition to Bali, the Raja Ampat & Queensland (Remote Expedition)
    16-nights, December 7 – December 23, 2023, Bali, Indonesia to Cairns, Australia
  • Holiday Expedition: Great Barrier Reef to Tasmania (Destination Exploration)
    14-night, December 23, 2023 – January 6, 2024, Cairns, Australia to Hobart, Australia

Crystal Endeavor, built at MV WERFTEN in Stralsund, Germany, was purpose-built for superior performance in polar conditions. Onboard amenities include the first and only Japanese restaurant on an expedition ship, the only casino on an expedition yacht, a glass-covered solarium housing the Seahorse Pool and Jacuzzi, as well as the full-service Crystal Life Salon & Spa with a fitness centre and wraparound Promenade Deck. 

Expedition-specific amenities and spaces include enrichment areas, designated mud rooms, an Expedition Lounge as well as several ‘toys’ for further exploration such as a fleet of zodiacs, kayaks and snorkel gear. There’s also optional helicopter flightseeing from the ship’s own helipad and a six-guest submersible allowing for deep-water explorations in select areas of the world.

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