The Airbus A330 cabin crew on flight TS110 from Montréal-Paris (l-r): Marie-Josée Villeneuvet; Serge Palasse; Sophie Brunet; Sonia Stahl; Josée Robitaille; Paule Parent; Alain Trudel; Carole Théorêt; and Louise Lefebvre, flight director. Credit: Catherine Pleau/Transat

Here’s a look: Transat’s commercial flights are back

MONTREAL — It was smiles all around – albeit beneath face coverings – on Transat’s commercial flights yesterday, its first in over 100 days of inactivity due to COVID-19.

Three international flights (Montreal-Toulouse, Montreal-Paris and Toronto-London) and three domestic flights (Montreal-Toronto, Toronto-Montreal and Toronto-Vancouver) took flight on July 23, the same day Transat resumed air operations after 112 days of air downtime.


The Airbus A321neoLR, which made the first of Air Transat’s three international flights last night (July 23), Montreal-Toulouse (TS782). Credit: Catherine Pleau/Transat

Calling it a “very special day in the history of Transat,” Chief Operating Officer Annick Guérard said on-duty flight crews were “very pleased” to return to action. Passengers were greeted by crew who donned face masks to ensure the health and safety of everyone onboard.

Credit: @AirTransatCanada / Facebook

Mandatory face coverings for both crew and guests is part of Transat’s Traveller Care program, which includes a wide range of health and safety measures from check-in to destination. These include physical distancing of two metres apart during boarding, a complimentary Traveller Care kit for all passengers, regularly sanitized lavatories and transfer buses that are disinfected after each use.

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