Hawaii Responsible Tourism: Travel Tips

Hawaii’s cultural experts discuss how important it is to change your mindset while visiting the Hawaiian Islands. You must think about it from a Hawaiian perspective, and come with an open mind and open heart. By learning about our unique culture and traditions, you’ll be better able to appreciate Hawaii.


There is so much natural beauty to discover in Hawaii, and with the right information, you can ensure that you are experiencing the islands in the best way possible. Land safety experts share their tips on weather preparedness, land access, and trail protocol so that you stay safe and minimize your impact on the trails.


The ocean is a source of adventure, food, and a home to countless marine animals. Marine Biologist, Lauren Blickley and Marine Conservationist, Ocean Ramsey provide tips on how small changes like using reef safe sunscreen and reducing single use plastics can make a big impact on keeping the ocean healthy for everyone to experience.


The ocean can be calm and beautiful, but it can also be unpredictable and dangerous. Water safety experts encourage you to visit a beach with a lifeguard, check conditions and look for ocean hazards such as rip currents, rocks, and shorebreaks.


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