Coldplay chose this country to launch its first new album in four years

Coldplay chose this country to launch its first new album in four years

TORONTO — For the first time in four years Coldplay is releasing a new album and they’ve chosen one of the world’s most historic countries for its big launch.

Titled ‘Everyday Life’, the highly anticipated album will be launched and livestreamed on YouTube on Nov. 22, 2019 in Amman, Jordan, where the Grammy Award-winning band will perform two shows live.

Coldplay chose this country to launch its first new album in four years

Roman ruins, Amman

According to the band, Jordan was chosen for its natural beauty and historical and cultural significance: “We’re really excited to launch our new album in Jordan, it has always felt like the perfect place for these two special shows.”

With support from the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), the global event will shine the spotlight on Amman, known in the ancient world as Philadelphia. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and has been home to a diverse range of ancient civilizations.

Said Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of the JTB: “I am excited this launch will showcase Jordan to the world in the light that it deserves, hand in hand with international music icons who carry similar values and messages as the people of my country. Jordan has always been an exporter of peace, a beacon of hope and harmony in line with the cover of the album promoting peace and love.”

The new album is being pre-promoted on an international scale, with teaser posters featuring the band in black and white vintage-style photos surfacing last month in cities all over the globe, including Amman, Berlin, Hong Kong, Madrid, São Paulo and Sydney. It’s an album split into two halves – ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ – and features 16 songs, one of which is titled ‘Bani Adam’ and written in Arabic script. Meaning ‘Children of Adam’, the track is inspired by the 1258 A.D. poem of the same name by Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi who was recognized for his work around social responsibility and morality.

Coldplay was formed in 1997 and is currently the biggest-selling British band of the 21st century. They have won seven Grammys and eight Brit Awards.