Great gastronomy, easy sightseeing and quirky museums give Croatia’s capital Zagreb plenty of draws

Great gastronomy, easy sightseeing and quirky museums give Croatia’s capital Zagreb plenty of draws

For clients looking for a unique new way to explore Europe this summer, lively and charming Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, could be just the ticket.

The city is Croatia’s largest, but it’s still a small metropolis compared to other European capitals, with a population just around 1 million. It boasts rich offerings that include culture, the arts, music, theatre, beautiful architecture and great food and wine.

From March to September visitors will find a packed cultural and events calendar, with many of those must-see happenings back for 2022.

Zagreb’s enviable cultural life also includes 30 active theatres, and 30 museums – so many for its size that Zagreb is often called the ‘city of museums’ as there are more of them per square foot than in any other city in the world.

Some of the most buzz-worthy Zagreb museums include the Museum of Illusions, the Museum of Hangovers, and the Museum of Broken Relationships, which has made headlines around the world when it opened and is now one of the city’s biggest draws.

Zagreb is also an ideal city for sightseeing. From ‘Gornji grad’ (Upper Town) to ‘Donji grad’ (Lower Town), everything is accessible on foot, making travel throughout the city easy and enjoyable.

While Ban Josip Jelačić Square is one of the city’s notable symbols, the beating heart of Zagreb is Petar Preradović Square, better known as Flower square, or ‘Cvjetni trg’. It’s surrounded by cafes and shops, and it’s a great spot for people-watching especially on Saturdays.

For a fun break from walking, and breathtaking views, Zagreb is home to the shortest funicular in the world, with a travel time of just 64 seconds. Connecting the Lower Town with the Upper Town, Zagreb’s Funicular runs every 10 minutes between 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Visitors who travel up the Funicular around midday will be at the top of the hill in time for Zagreb’s cannon fire at 12 p.m. from the Lotrščak Tower.

Zagreb is also a garden city, with many parks plus the Zagreb Botanical Garden open for public recreation. Maksimir Park, Zagreb’s biggest park, is the perfect destination to relax over coffee, have a picnic or take long walks.

And don’t forget the sample the fine food and wines that Zagreb has to offer. The city has an extensive seafood selection, thanks to its prime location just a couple of hours away from the Adriatic coast. Whatever local speciality is on offer, be sure to accompany it with coffee, and of course, wine! Croatia is home to four wine-growing regions and it’s one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world.

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