Goway’s ‘Travel Without Plastic’ initiative gets results

TORONTO — Goway’s hotel partners in South America have joined the travel company’s bid to reduce the impact of single-use plastics across the continent.

Goway recently announced steps the company is taking to have a positive impact in South America, with its initiative to help rid South and Central America of single-use plastic bottles.

“While many people travel with a reusable bottle already, they will still fill up said bottle using complimentary plastic water bottles at hotels, or purchased bottles from local stores which defeats the whole point,” says Don Forster, Product Manager for Goway South America.

“To help combat this, Goway has called on all its hotel partners to install water stations, allowing Goway guests and others to refill their reusable bottles with safe, clean, filtered water. Many of Goway’s hotel partners already have this amenity in place, while others will implement the change within the next year.”

As an update to these first steps, Goway is proud to list all its hotel partners who have water filling stations in place. It takes ‘a village’ and on the ground help to make a difference, and the support of Goway’s hotel partners only helps reduce the impact of single use plastics.

Goway has issued a PDF list here of its partners in the fight against plastics in Central and South America.

Goway is also inviting its Globetrotter clients to send pictures of themselves and their efforts to travelwithoutplastic@goway.com with the hashtag #trashtaggoway.

Goway is posting the pictures of its eco warrior partners on its social media outlets.

Goway adds that for those who can’t get enough South America, each bottle in the ‘Big 6’ countries features a different nature-inspired design.

Repeat Goway South America travellers can collect all six, each representing a different country, for their ‘Travel Without Plastic with Goway’ collection.