G in 3: “Incredibly inspiring seeing you all out in the world again,” says G Adventures’ MD, David Green

G in 3: Take a look around, says G Adventures’ MD, David Green, even in busy times

Is it me, or is every month flashing past us in the blink of an eye?

Life has become extremely busy, and it’s getting harder to pause and reflect, but it’s something we must do.

 G in 3: Take a look around, says G Adventures’ MD, David Green, even in busy times

G Adventures’ David Green with industry colleagues Karen Lippett, Jane Clementino, Anna Sgovio and Maria Viviana Uris at the recent Travel Savers conference in Montreal

I was talking to an industry colleague last week and we were reflecting on how many new people have joined the travel industry over the past year. What an amazing opportunity that presents us with, for veterans to share their passion and knowledge, and for fresh blood to bring new ideas and energy into our industry.

Everyone I speak with is talking about how busy they are and how they are breaking records, but I also hear lots of people talking about recruitment challenges as they try to keep up with demand. No wonder we’re so busy!

I’ve yet to hear one person talk about business going backwards, or having to review budgets to cut costs. There is only one way, and that’s up. We are all in the same position and as an industry that gives everyone the opportunity to shine.

The question is, what kind of industry do we want to be, and how can we use this opportunity to shape the future? This is my reflection point. When our industry stood still during the pandemic, we realized how much we needed one another. We found a renewed sense of compassion through the dark times and we vowed to do better.

But life has gotten busy again – so I encourage us as an industry to stay focused on doing better together – to keep that vow.

At G Adventures we shape our employee experience around three simple but very meaningful words; passion, purpose and happiness. We love to ‘Change People’s Lives’.

I hear more travel agents talking about what a wonderful and meaningful experience their travellers had on G Adventures’ trips. Our secret sauce is our people – we all focus on passion, purpose and happiness, and believe that when travel is done right it can be transformational.

I hope you are feeling the same sense of joy and happiness that I am. I hope your travellers are coming back gloating about their ‘best ever trip’ because that’s what we are hearing.

If you are an agent selling G Adventures – thank you. We can’t do what we do without you!

If you are an agent that wants to learn more – including why we believe that when travel is done right it can change the world – then please reach out. If you are reading this thinking “I want to be part of this” then know we are recruiting and looking for passionate people who want to create life-changing experiences for travellers.

My final thought, though, is “take control”. I hear so many people saying how much they love G Adventures, and if only they had those G Adventures clients. You do. All I ask is that you present G Adventures as an option, and do it with passion, purpose and happiness.

Thanks for reading, and please put us to the test. We have amazing preferred agent industry discount rates for you to use. People who travel with G Adventures will travel with us time and time again because of how great our trips are. You won’t be disappointed.



G Adventures’ Managing Director David Green’s monthly column, ‘G in 3’ is a 3-minute read running exclusively in Travelweek Daily in 2023. To check out David’s February column, click here, and for his March column, click here.

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