G Adventures launches new Wellness travel style

G Adventures launches new Wellness travel style

TORONTO — G Adventures has launched a new travel style dedicated solely to wellness and adventure.

Featuring a program of trips in 10 destinations, the Wellness collection of tours is designed to help travellers slow down, find their balance and reconnect with the world.

More than 80 departures are planned for 2019 in destinations that include Nepal, Costa Rica, Iceland, Patagonia, Tuscany and Peru. Trips range from seven to 13 days and balance must-see highlights with a slower pace of travel.

Participants can expect yoga sessions, ‘intention setting’ (a ceremony where guests explore their reasons for seeking wellbeing) and healthy food choices. Each destination has been selected for its unique wellness aspect and highlight local rituals such as a purification bath in Bali, a prayer ceremony with monks in Nepal, and an ashram stay in India.

Simon Ma, G Adventures’ Wellness Brand Manager, says now is the opportune time to launch in the Wellness space.

“The wellness industry has skyrocketed in recent years, According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is now worth US$3.7 trillion globally, with consumers seeking new ways to alleviate stress, reduce illness and boost wellbeing,” he says.

Ma adds that G’s new Wellness trips are designed to be inclusive, and are suitable for all ages and abilities. They centre around the three pillars of mindfulness, movement and nourishment, and also aim to cater to all kinds of dietary preferences, from gluten-free to vegan.

Each trip will be led by an experienced Chief Experience Officer (CEO) and begin with an intention setting ceremony. A variety of different types of yoga will be led by local experts, while a variety of local culinary highlights will also be included, such as market visits, tastings with locals and cooking classes.

The new Wellness itineraries include: ‘Wellness Colombia’ (8 days, from $2,349); ‘Wellness Costa Rica (8 days, from $2,199); ‘Wellness Iceland’ (7 days, from $3,649); ‘Wellness India’ (11 days, from $2,899); ‘Wellness Italy – Rome and Tuscany’ (7 days, from $2,799); ‘Wellness Nepal’ (13 days, from $4,299); and ‘Wellness Patagonia (10 days, from $3,929).

For more information go to https://www.gadventures.com/travel-styles/wellness/.

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