Tourcan Vacations officially launches Women of the World Travel
Linda Khanna

Tourcan Vacations officially launches Women of the World Travel

TORONTO — Tourcan Vacations has launched its brand new product, Women of the World Travel, with the aim of empowering women through four initial tours in 2019.

As Travelweek first reported in the Aug. 30 issue, heading up the project will be Linda Khanna, who said that over the years there have been numerous requests from agents and consumers for assistance for solo women travellers.

“There was definitely an opportunity to create women’s only tours where we can offer women a safe and fun way to travel as well as a roommate match-up so that the ladies can share and not pay a single supplement for travel,” she said.

Accommodations will be, at a minimum, superior first-class hotels and, wherever possible, located in convenient areas of a city. Small groups will range from 10 to 20 women and will include sightseeing as well as memorable local experiences such as the chance to visit one of Tourcan’s ‘Enriching Lives Projects’, where guests can interact with families and children in villages and schools.

Other unique experiences include meeting local chefs, a sunrise Sahara desert safari, a visit to a local Moroccan Hammam, and meeting Peru’s famous weaver, Nilda Callanaupa.

“It’s our goal to pamper our women travellers and expose them to unique experiences they can’t get anywhere else,” added Khanna.

Four Women of the World Travel tours are scheduled for 2019, in Peru, Ireland, Thailand and Morocco.

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