Flight Centre Travel Group to take 100% ownership of Umapped

Flight Centre Travel Group to take 100% ownership of Umapped

TORONTO — Flight Centre Travel Group (FLT) has announced the acquisition of Umapped, a Toronto-based technology company, in a move in line with the company’s digital transformation.

According to FLT, the acquisition will enhance its web and mobile services to deliver upgraded documentation, better templates and seamless, real-time communication between consultants and customers.

Umapped’s products, which are already being used by FLT’s GOGO wholesale business in the USA, will now be rolled out in other FLT businesses globally and will be a key feature of FCB 2.0, the next-generation Flight Centre brand offering in Australia.

“Both the Flight Centre Travel Group and Umapped are pioneers in their respective travel industry fields,” Umapped CEO Lisa Israelovitch said. “Both companies share similar values and a deep commitment to empower travel advisors and suppliers with technology that adds significant value throughout the customer journey.”

Umapped’s products include the Trip Publisher itinerary builder and TripLinQ API services, which consolidate bookings, curated content and real-time location data into a single interface. Travellers’ quotes and documents are transformed from static emails and PDFs to a collaborative, living itinerary experience.

Moreover, the software provides travel agents access to collaborative features, chat and real-time updates that are delivered to their clients.

“We have been impressed with the platform and believe it can have a positive impact on our consultants’ productivity and on our customers’ travel experiences,” said FLT CEO Graham “Skroo” Turner. “We continue to invest in systems and teams that can surface our expertise, but also make millions of engagements with our customers easier and more personal.”

Turner also added that FLT hopes to deploy Umapped software in several countries within a year.

FLT will take 100% ownership of Umapped and will use general cash to fund the acquisition. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

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