Fire breaks out on roof of new Iqaluit airport terminal in Nunavut

IQALUIT, Nunavut — Smoke filled the sky over the construction site for Iqaluit’s new airport terminal over the weekend, but officials don’t believe the damage from the fire is severe.

John Hawkins, the airport’s director of operations, says in an email that the fire on Saturday evening appears to have been contained to roofing materials.

Hawkins says there were no injuries.

The airport is owned by the Nunavut government and the new terminal is part of a number of improvement projects that also include a rehabilitation of the existing runway and construction of new taxiways.

The improvements are being made as part of a deal with a private company, Arctic Infrastructure Partners, which the Nunavut government says will operate and maintain the airport for the next three decades.

The government says the new terminal will have a central concourse with ample space for displaying Inuit art, as well as a foundation system that’s resistant to cracks caused by permafrost.