Fareconnect.com celebrates success of virtual conference: “Adaptability is where it’s at”

Fareconnect.com celebrates success of virtual conference: “Adaptability is where it’s at”

WINNIPEG — Over 80 travel agents attended Fareconnect.com’s annual conference, which this year went virtual as a way to build on the momentum the host agency has seen throughout the pandemic.

Having taken place on Jan. 30, the conference focused on the importance of adaptability, something that Fareconnect.com has continually practiced since the onset of the pandemic. Over the past year, it has shifted all of its efforts and resources to enhancing its multi-tiered Training Program, upgrading to a new CRM system, and providing weekly sales & marketing opportunities to help agents grow their businesses. Its annual conference was yet another way for the agency to cater to and celebrate its agents.

Fareconnect.com celebrates success of virtual conference: “Adaptability is where it’s at”

Cindy and Rick Gaudet

“All of these actions have had but one focus in mind: our agents,” said CEO Rick Gaudet. “I am a big believer in what you do today will strongly contribute to your success in the future. Travel as we know it has forever changed and may never be the same, but instead of fearing the change, try to get ahead of what people are looking for and embrace it. Adaptability is where it’s at!”

The full-day conference included three interactive panels that highlighted selling tips in 2021, eight diverse workshops with Fareconnect’s top BDMs and head office, and coffee and wine chats that gave agents the chance to network with head office. BDMs were also not charged a fee to participate in live panels, a decision that was made to encourage communication, said COO Cindy Gaudet.

“In the face of everything our industry has gone through over the past year, Fareconnect has been doing it right,” said Cindy. “Our agents have been expanding their knowledge with a variety of courses, working on client connections and honing in on their individual specialties. There’s been no shortage of grit at Fareconnect!”

BDMs from travel partners who participated in the conference were all impressed by the level of engagement seen by agents who attended. Said Darcie Guarderas of Anderson Vacations: “I had so much fun and I truly love your agents. They are all so engaged and great to work with.”

And Freddie Marsh of Playa Resorts thought the conference was “fantastic,” adding: “It was so well organized and the agenda was perfect. It was so nice to see such positive engagement.”

Agents in attendance also shared their praise. Barry and Jacqui Mosiondz said the conference was “informative, interesting and, most importantly, fun.” Addressing Rick and Cindy specifically, they added: “Both of you have done an incredible job of putting together a group of high-performing professionals and creating a positive team environment – and it shows.”

Fareconnect.com celebrates success of virtual conference: “Adaptability is where it’s at”

Fareconnect’s top agents during a Nashville fam in 2018

And Terry & Sandra Dunlop, who haven’t been fans of virtual conferences, said the event was “flawless and very enjoyable.” They added: “The conference was run so professionally with no waiting, perfect timing, uninterrupted breakout rooms and great content.”

Looking ahead to the rest of 2021, Fareconnect, said Cindy, will not be slowing down, with several projects already underway.

“Travel is all about opportunity but it will only arise if you make it happen,” she said. “The world is, literally, your oyster – once you step foot outside the office.”

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