Tuesday January 19, 2021
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All posts by Cindy Sosroutomo

Cindy is Deputy Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 2007. She has travelled to more than 50 countries and counts Kenya, Morocco, Thailand and Turkey among her favourite destinations.

Here’s how 10 sun destinations are handling Canada’s PCR test rule

When the federal government announced on Dec. 30 its new COVID-19 testing requirement for all arriving passengers, countries around the world were left scrambling to accommodate Canadians in destination who suddenly needed a PCR test three days before returning home.
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Will insurance companies cover the cost of PCR tests?

The travel industry is still reeling from the news that all travellers must now show proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test prior to boarding their flight to Canada, a new requirement announced by the federal government in the last days of December, with only a week’s notice.
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Cruising: Building confidence & inspiring hope for 2021

The cruise industry is widely regarded as one of the most resilient in travel, accustomed to navigating through challenges like hurricanes, tropical storms and viral outbreaks such as H1N1. But in 2020, cruising finally met its match in COVID-19, the global health crisis that forced a complete and utterly devastating shutdown of the entire industry.
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Here’s how Uplift responded to a travel agent about refunds

TORONTO — The word ‘flexibility’ has popped up time and time again in the travel industry throughout the pandemic, emphasizing the need for policies that take into account the needs of travellers. Airlines, cruise lines, tour operators and hotels have all implemented flexible cancellation and rebooking policies since March, putting the traveller first while at the same time aiming to save bookings and working towards the restart of global travel. It’s been a monumental logistical effort for suppliers, to say the least.
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Flights are being cancelled, here’s what 3 of Canada’s airlines had to say

When Gary Rams booked his client on a one-way flight to Shanghai with Air Canada, he knew there’d be a chance the flight would be cancelled due to the pandemic. And sure enough, it was.
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What’s trending & recovering: Major takeaways from Expedia

TORONTO — Becoming CEO of a company during a worldwide pandemic would seem like a daunting task for most people. But Peter Kern, who took over the reins at Expedia Group this past April, just a few weeks after the onset of COVID-19, saw his new role as a blessing in disguise. “When you have fresh […]
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Host agencies say there are more members but will this lead to increased competition?

TORONTO — At a time when global travel has ground to a virtual halt, some may think there’d no longer be a need for travel advisors. But the exact opposite is true, says host agencies. With an uptick in memberships being seen across the board, Canada’s travel agent community is not only surviving the COVID-19 health crisis, it may actually be thriving.
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How is rail travel faring in the pandemic? We check in with Railbookers’ Cris David

We all know the uphill battle that airlines and cruise lines have when it comes to boosting customer confidence – but what about rail companies?
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Kauai still requiring quarantine & more need-to-knows from Hawaii

Before sending your clients to Hawaii this winter, the Islands have this important piece of advice for travel agents: do your research first.
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We asked 3 veteran agents 3 questions on how they’re handling the pandemic

In a world filled with so much uncertainty, experience wins out when it comes to facing and overcoming challenges.
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