Monday March 30, 2020
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All posts by Cindy Sosroutomo

Cindy is Deputy Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 2007. She has travelled to more than 50 countries and counts Kenya, Morocco, Thailand and Turkey among her favourite destinations.

Women in travel: The Travel Corporation is leading the way

We should all be so lucky to view our jobs the way Roxanne Joyal does. As CEO and co-founder of ME to WE, the Toronto-based social enterprise, Joyal considers it not so much as a job but a lifestyle, one that has not only transformed her own life but the lives of those she works with.
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“We’re handling it as a team”: Globus on the Italy outbreak, and travel myths

With the number of coronavirus cases rapidly increasing in Italy, Globus family of brands is reassuring travel agents and travellers that it’s doing everything it can to monitor the situation and keep clients safe and secure.
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“This is the new WestJet”: Agents and new Dreamliner celebrated at partner awards

When it comes to investments, WestJet has made three in particular that have paid off in a big way: its product, its people, and its partners.
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Going micro: Why shorter vacations and cruises are on the rise

People are busier than ever these days, with little time to spare for extra-curriculars, much less a two-week holiday abroad. But for those hell-bent on carving out some travel time, the rising trend of ‘micro-cations’ could be a good solution.
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The rains have come: Australia is open for business

Following a weekend of much-needed heavy rainfall, the timing of Australia’s key messaging couldn’t be better: the country is open for business and ready to welcome back visitors.
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“Sales are exceeding our expectations”: Emerald & Scenic on the Azzurra and Eclipse

It’s a worrisome time for Emerald Waterways but not in the way that you may think. Since announcing earlier this week its entry into the luxury yacht market with the 100-passenger Emerald Azzurra, sales have been through the roof, so much so that the brand is already having trouble keeping up with demand.
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One night at the ultra-cool Bisha Hotel Toronto

The first sign of the Bisha not being your run-of-the-mill hotel comes as soon as you open its imposing front doors.
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The strength in numbers: 7 tips from industry experts on how to sell groups

One of the fastest growing sports in North America is one that you may have never even heard of. But if Toronto-based Uniglobe Bon Voyage travel agent Lou Anne Fradsham has her way, everyone will be playing pickleball soon enough.
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Agency execs weigh in on 9 common mistakes and how to avoid them

Making assumptions about a client’s budget? We’ve all done it. Forgetting to set an out-of-office reply on your email while you’re away? It’s a small gesture that goes a long way with clients.
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A toast to its industry partners: Globus says thank you

There was no talk of business at Globus family of brands’ Annual Partner Appreciation Luncheon – only good food, great friends and a bounty of gratitude for those credited with the company’s success.
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