Fake travel agent scams her way to $100,000 in cruise ‘sales’

Fake travel agent scams her way to $100,000 in cruise ‘sales’

TORRINGTON, ENGLAND — A UK woman posing as a travel agent – and ‘selling’ more than $95,000 worth of cruises that didn’t actually exist, and pocketing the money for herself – ultimately booked herself a one-way ticket to the courthouse.

Kay Hooper, 58, was “visibly nervous and upset” when she appeared in court last week, according to the North Devon Journal. She fraudulently obtained a travel agent registration number and then proceeded to dupe her ‘clients’ with sales of non-existent cruises.

The prosecution called Hooper’s scam “sophisticated” and said her fraudulent activities took “a significant degree of planning”. Hooper’s now facing charges including fraud by false representation. Free on bail, she’s due back in court in early October.

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