F1S travel advisors report big increases in int’l bookings over 2022 & 2019: survey

F1S travel advisors report big increases in int’l bookings over 2022 & 2019: survey

NEW YORK — First in Service (F1S) has released new data based on survey results from its travel advisors in Canada and the U.S.

The company says that for the second consecutive year, bookings among F1S travel advisors are up year-over-year, as well as when compared with the same period in 2019.

Here’s a look at the survey results …

  • Nearly 70% of all advisors surveyed say their international travel bookings are “up” vs. 2022, with more than 23% saying they are “up significantly.”
  • Comparing this year’s international bookings with those in 2019, more than 65% say they are “up,” with just over 23% indicating they are “up significantly.”
  • 46.5% of F1S’s Canadian and U.S. advisors surveyed say their domestic bookings are even with 2022 and 2019
  • Canadian advisors were more likely than those in the U.S. to say their international bookings had increased over 2022 and 2019: 2022, over 69% vs. 60%. Canadian advisors who said their bookings were “about even” were just over 26%, vs. 35% of U.S. advisors.

“Our F1S travel advisors are experiencing the boom First in Service is seeing in international travel as we witness a return to normalcy,” said F1S CEO Fernando Gonzalez. “Last year, travel came roaring back, even as the pandemic had not yet subsided. With most countries now reopened, it’s no wonder that we continue to witness a substantial demand in international bookings. Given the current trajectory, F1S is poised to easily have its best year yet with over US$300 million in annual sales.”

Gonzalez added that while luxury and premium leisure travel continue to lead the travel comeback, F1S is also now seeing increased sales for its corporate and entertainment travel segments. “Thanks to the amazing resilience, passion and grit of our advisors across all three segments, we expect our travel sales to increase by 30% over 2022 alone,” he said. “Each of our advisors is now responsible for, on average, a whopping $2 million each in annual sales.”

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