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Expedia Group zeroes in on 3 key travel trends

TORONTO — Expedia Group has identified three key trends among Canadian travellers this summer, which the company says should give travel advisors new insight into how to sell and market to clients.

  • International searches on the rise: International lodging searches among Canadians have skyrocketed by 235% year over year in the months of August and September. In total, international travel searches account for a significant proportion of overall searches, replacing the previously preferred domestic trips during the same period last year.
  • Last-minute trips: Looking towards the fall season, Expedia Group data shows that Canadian travellers aren’t planning ahead as much as last year. They are planning more last minute than in 2021, with a 15% increase in the one-month search window for accommodations.
  • Package travel: Canadians are looking for package travel more than last year, with a whopping 175% increase in searches for August and September for bundled travel products according to Expedia Group data.

In addition to the company’s data and search trends, Expedia Group’s partner portal continues to help partners with resources and tools, like Rev+, which adds extra functionality to empower partners to make smart pricing decisions to optimize revenue. The Rev+ tool, which comes at no additional costs for hotel partners, provides Expedia partners with a comprehensive view of opportunities in their market and the tools to take advantage of them.

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