Eurostar services resume after smoke alarm in Channel Tunnel

LONDON – Eurostar passenger services remained sporadic through the Channel Tunnel on Sunday after rail operators worked to restore normal traffic on the system a day after a smoke alarm triggered a shutdown.

Services for thousands of passengers were disrupted after the incident that began at midday on Saturday, when firefighters were called in to douse a smouldering load in a truck. The north tunnel remained closed while accident investigators examined the train.

A separate power supply issue on Sunday disrupted services further, Eurostar said. Some 11 out of 45 trains were cancelled, and passengers who didn’t need to travel on Sunday were advised to travel at another time.

Freight services also resumed early Sunday between England and France in the south tunnel, said John Keefe, the spokesman for tunnel operator Eurotunnel. He said the freight train affected by Saturday’s incident must still be removed from the north tunnel.

Keefe says Eurostar passenger services are being given priority, but that delays will take place. Eurostar says to expect delays of between 30 and 60 minutes. Services that convey road vehicles by rail through the tunnel face longer delays – as long as four hours.

Eurostar has said tickets can be refunded or rebooked within the next 60 days for travel within six months.


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