Erotikaland: Adults-only amusement park coming to Brazil

PIRACICABA, Brazil — 7D vibrating cinema, genital-shaped bumper cars and a nudist pool could all be coming to Brazil soon. Erotikaland is a proposed new adults-only theme park two hours south of Sao Paulo in the city of Piracicaba that developers hope to have open in 2018.

The $100 entry fee will let attendees see the sex playground, sex shop, sex museum and a ‘train of pleasure’. People will need to control themselves with a strict ‘no sex on-site’ policy, however the theme park will be close to hotels. In a brilliant case study of vertical integration, the hotels will be owned by the theme park.

The theme park might still hit a roadblock with many lobby groups opposing the plans. However project leader Mauro Morata has stated that the park will be educational and promote safe sex.



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