Ensemble partners with Butterfield & Robinson to bring luxury active travel

Ensemble adds Butterfield & Robinson as a specialty partner

NEW YORK — Ensemble Travel Group is expanding its luxe travel options with a new partnership with Butterfield & Robinson. By adding the luxury active travel provider to its network of specialty partners, Ensemble becomes better equipped to cater to the growing number of travellers intent on incorporating healthy, active regimes into their daily lives.

“For many people, an active lifestyle is now part of their DNA. It plays into everything they do, including the type of experience they seek out on vacation,” said Suzanne Hall, senior director, supplier partnership, land/Ensemble Hotel & Resort Collection. “Butterfield & Robinson essentially created the active travel product more than 50 years ago. They’ve been the ‘architect’ of its evolution, transforming it into today’s popular immersion-based, destination-driven experience for all types of travellers.”

Added Simon Elliott, director, industry partners at Ensemble Travel Group: “We at Butterfield & Robinson are thrilled to become preferred partners for the Ensemble Travel Group for 2017. We look forward to working with Ensemble members to help their clients ‘Slow Down to See the World’ whether it be on two feet or two wheels. We are honoured to be Ensemble’s exclusive partner offering bicycle and walking tours, though there is much more to B & R than that!”

Canadian-based Butterfield & Robinson offers more than 100 walking and biking adventures to destinations around the world. The specialty operator also creates customized itineraries for individuals and small groups.

See joinensemble.com for more details.

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