Transat drops expiry date on FTCs; facilitates pre-payment for bag fees

MONTREAL — Transat has dropped the expiry date on its future travel credits, and made the credits transferrable.

The move to greater flexibility for customers with FTCs in the wake of mass cancellations from the COVID-19 pandemic follows the lead of at least one competitor.

Last month Air Canada Vacations announced it was eliminating expiry dates for its future travel credits issued for cancelled vacations due to COVID-19.

ACV said the change was in addition to the flexible changes that were previously announced in April including the possibility to transfer the credit to another person, and the ability to keep the residual value of the credit resulting from a fare difference.

Transat announced this morning that its FTCs are now fully transferable, with no expiry date.

“As before, any residual credit will remain on file. This new flexible policy applies to flights, packages and guided tours. However, it excludes credits received for cruises that are subject to their own cruise lines’ conditions,” says Transat.

More details can be found at Get Connected.

In other Transat news, the company has issued a four-page guide showing agents how they can process pre-payments for checked baggage through the GDS for all Air Transat flights.

Transat says transactions will be processed via the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD), which allows agents to issue electronic vouchers for the ancillary service. 

The EMD will be linked to Air Transat e-tickets.

The four-page guide with instructions can be found here.

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