Cuba aims for 5 million+ visitors for 2019
Frank Oltuski, Vice President of the Gaviota Tourism Group; Eloy Govea, Director, Cuba Tourist Board And Carlos Latuff Carmenate, President of Gaviota Tourism Group

Cuba aims for 5 million+ visitors in 2019

TORONTO — Gaviota Tourism Group and the Cuba Tourism Board are making sure the Canadian travel trade knows all about the extensive upgrades and improvements currently taking place in Cuba and driven by the Cuban government and Gaviota.

Frank Oltuski, Vice President of the Gaviota Tourism Group, along with a strong showing of Cuba hotel and resort representatives are in Toronto and Montreal this week, with a media lunch and travel agent night in Toronto yesterday, followed by Montreal today. The presentations are also tributes to the 500th anniversary of Havana, says the Cuba Tourism Board.

Gaviota started 2019 with a focus on improving the country’s accommodation offerings across all of its destinations, says Oltuski. This was a follow up from 2018 when “we worked particularly hard on hotel infrastructure, products and services,” he said.

Cuba has invested in its tourism industry significantly, he added, expanding property capacity and redesigning hotels. “We want to ensure Cuba grows and diversifies” its tourism product, said Oltuski.

Investment and development will continue for the remainder of 2019, with key developments for the year including…

  •  Easier access to a diversity of nature, cultural and historic product
  • More accommodation capacity in properties across the country
  • New transit infrastructure, marinas, recreational facilities and cultural institutions
  • WiFi accessibility broaden throughout Cuba
  • New hotels including the International Melia Varadero Hotel and the Hotel Paseo Del Prado
  • Ensuring a diversified tourism experience in Cuba
  • Promoting the 500th anniversary of Havana
  • Promoting FITCUBA 2019, taking place next month

Cuba welcomed over 4.7 million visitors in 2018, including 1.1 million Canadians. Cuba is projecting 5 million+ visitors for 2019.