Cruise value winning out over land-based vacations: CLIA survey

Cruise value winning out over land-based vacations: CLIA survey

WASHINGTON — More than half of travellers say they intend to take an ocean cruise, and soon, with eight out of 10 (80%) of those saying they will board a cruise ship in the next 12 months, according to CLIA’s first Cruise Industry Consumer Outlook of 2017.

Cruise popularity is on the rise amongst consumers and there is a surge of interest in cruise travel, says CLIA. Nearly two-thirds (64%) said their overall awareness of cruise vacations had improved within the last two years. Within the last four months alone, 30% said their awareness of cruising and ship-based excursions had “increased greatly” compared to a year or two ago.

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An overwhelming majority of travellers also had a positive attitude toward cruising, with only 6% of responders expressing unfavorable attitudes toward cruise vacations, down from 11% four months ago.

The number of vacationers who are interested in taking a cruise vacation is up to 63%, with 50% of travellers saying they have a solid interest in ocean cruising, and 30% indicating interest in river cruising.

J.D. Power conducted the North America Cruise Industry Consumer Outlook for CLIA via web-based surveys in August and December 2016 targeting 500 consumers who earn more than US$50,000 annually and had taken a vacation within the past three years.

“The first installment of the Cruise Industry Consumer Outlook is vital in keeping the cruise industry abreast of consumer attitudes and behaviors, allowing the industry to continue to evolve in a direction that is appealing and beneficial to would-be and current cruise travellers,” said CLIA’s President and CEO, Cindy D’Aoust. “Each installment will help the industry, as well as cruise travel agents, continue to adapt business practices and offerings to coincide with the desires of travelers and propel the cruise industry forward.”

The survey also found that travellers believe cruise vacations are good value with over half (67%) of travellers saying they believe that cruising offers a high value experience for the money, whereas 47% said the same for land-based vacations. Cruise line execs are often quoted as saying their biggest competition isn’t other cruise lines, but land-based vacations especially all-inclusive resorts.

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