Cross-sell with TravelBrands and get discounted car rentals

Cross-sell with TravelBrands and get discounted car rentals

MISSISSAUGA — With TravelBrands’ new cross-sell booking capability agents can get a promo code for a car rental with Hertz every time they make an air booking.

TravelBrands launched the new cross-sell function earlier this month.

Once agents complete an air booking they will receive a ‘Promo Alert’ for a discount on a car rental. The designated promo code will also be available in the ‘My Bookings’ screen underneath the associated air booking number on TravelBrands’ Access platform.

All air bookings are eligible for this promotion.

To use the promo code, agents must go to the Add-Ons section of the Access platform and select ‘Car Only’ from the drop-down menu.

The agent then enters their car rental details along with the promo code. The agent will be led to the results page where they can select the ideal car rental for their clients at a discounted rate.

The tour operator says its Access by TravelBrands platform is an all-in-one solution for agents to book their clients’ travel arrangements.

Travel agents can make eligible bookings by visiting

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