Treviso, Italy

Confusion in northern Italy as govt. imposes quarantine

MILAN — There’s confusion in northern Italy after the government imposed strict new limits on movements to contain the coronavirus in the epicentre of Europe’s outbreak.

Travellers at Milan’s main train station had to sign police forms self-certifying that they were travelling for “proven work needs,” situations of necessity, health reasons or to return home.

Police officers in masks checked tickets and documents as people lined up to reach the train tracks.
Milan and Venice are among the cities under the quarantine lockdown.

Italy has one of highest number of coronavirus cases outside of China. By percentage Italy also has the second-highest number of people age 65 years or older, after Japan.

Meanwhile in France, trying to send a message of confidence in the economy, French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife walked on Paris’ famous Champs-Elysees avenue, but kept a one-metre security distance from passersby.

Macron called for a proportionate government response. “We cannot shut down the country but we need to protect the most fragile people,” he said.

Source: The Associated Press

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