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Collette’s new webinar tackles the issue of commission rebating

MISSISSAUGA — Losing business to commission rebaters? Collette can help, with an upcoming webinar for travel agents that will highlight ways on how to keep money in their pockets.

Through the webinar, the tour operator will outline its no discounting strategy as well as the importance of commission rebating. By refusing to work with Costco an other online retailers, Collette has made it known that it protects its travel agent partners along with their commissions.

“We are really talking about ‘commission rebating’ and what that means to an agent,” said Courtney Iannuccilli, Vice President of Marketing. “Agents will continue to keep their hard earned money, and be assured that they will not be undercut by Collette and will not find tours anywhere else at a discounted price.”

Agents who register and attend the webinar can win a $75 gift card. A question will be randomly asked during the presentation; the first person to respond correctly will win the card.

The Discount Protection Webinar is scheduled for Jan. 25 at 2:00 ET. Register at bit.ly/2D0flMJ.

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