Collette rolls out brand new look and logo

Collette rolls out brand new look and logo

TORONTO — Collette has debuted a brand new logo to go with its new worldwide brochure for its Season 105 lineup.

Designed to celebrate travel, resilience and its long history, the brand refresh has two key changes: the former ‘green and blue’ look now features yellow for the golden sun, deep sea blues, white sands and sky blue, while the globe has been repositioned into the heart of the brand identity to signify the company’s commitment to caring for the world and immersing travellers into the heart of destinations on all seven continents.

“Showing travellers the world is what we do, it’s at the core of who we are, so now the position of the globe truly reflects that,” said Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, president of Collette.

“Collette’s brand refresh marks our step forward into a new era. The past two and a half years have introduced challenges that tested us and we’ve come through led by our values, inspired by our travellers and stronger than ever. Travellers trust Collette and the new look is deeply connected with our history. It will feel steady and familiar, and at the same time give them a fresh and modern twist on our 105-year-old Collette brand,” she added.

Collette’s kick-off to a new travel season includes a video that highlights its new tours, set to the soundtrack of the Alternate Routes song ‘Show You the World,’ which was penned especially for Collette. To watch the video and learn more information go to