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Collette launches Travel Advisor Reward Program

TORONTO — Collette has announced its new Travel Advisor Reward Program, offering travel agents the chance to experience Collette “just like their travellers do.”

With the new program, advisors will be rewarded for booking more travellers on Collette tours.

Starting with reduced rates of 50%, advisors will receive bigger savings on land tours the more travellers they book within a single year.

They’ll have the opportunity to increase that number all the way to 100% if they book over 40 travellers. Advisors will also receive reduced rates for companions, starting at 25%.

“Our advisors are such a big part of what we do each and every day,” said Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, President and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Collette. “We want to give them the opportunity to get out and explore the world, just like their travellers do. By offering this reward program, we not only allow them to do that, but also encourage them to share the gift of travel with more travellers.”

For a travel advisor to qualify for the discount program, they must be working as a travel advisor with an active IATA. Collette reserves the right to validate all information to determine eligibility.

Eligible travel advisors may request a reduced rate for their personal travel on a retail booking at 150-days or less prior to departure.  Some tours and departure dates may be blacked out, like Antarctica, special events or any other products as deemed necessary by Collette.

Discounts earned are based on the following levels …

. With up to 8 travelled guests, 50% off land up to $2,500 / 25% off companion up to $1,250

. 9 to 19 travelled guests, 50% off land up to $3,000 / 25% off companion up to $1,750

. 20 to 39 travelled guests, 75% off land up to $3,500 / 25% off companion up to $2,250

. 40 to 49 travelled guests, 100% off land up to $4,000 / 50% off companion up to $2,750

. 50+ travellers, 100% off land up to $5,500 / 50% off companion up to $2,750

Air discount is 10% for both the travel advisor and companion at all discount tier levels.

The earning period is based on one calendar year (January 1 – December 31) for travelled guests and will re-set at the start of each calendar year.

Travel advisors who qualify for a discount amount will have the remainder of the sales year in which the discount was earned, plus an additional calendar year to redeem.  If the qualified discount has not been used by the travel advisor in accordance with these terms, the discount will be forfeited.

More terms and conditions apply, including (but not limited to): discounts earned are per travel advisor and cannot be accrued across multiple travel advisors within a single office location; discounts are applicable to the full land-only tour & extension price and not combinable with any other promotions or discounts; not applicable for use with a group departure, where comps and/or commission are earned and applied by the same travel advisor.

Collette also notes that requests for space on a departure are subject to availability and will be determined and approved by Collette on a first come, first served basis.  Standard retail deposit terms apply and other restrictions may apply.

Agents are asked to call Collette for more details.

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