Collette gears up to launch new rewards program for agents

This has been the best year in Collette’s history – and that’s saying something, considering the company is now heading into its 106th year. For this edition of Take 5, Ron Lonsdale, Collette’s VP Canada, highlights what’s new for 2024, plus shares details about Collette’s brand new rewards program for travel advisors.

1. With more than 100 years of experience – is it 105 years now? – Collette is for many travellers and travel agents the first and last name in touring. What’s new for the company heading into 2024?

“Collette is entering its 106th year of operation! One of the things that’s allowed us to be successful for so long is our desire to be the best for our travellers. We’re always looking for new ways to improve and new experiences that we can offer to change the perspective on guided touring.

“In 2024 we’re going to offer a few new tours. Our all-new ‘Spotlight on Northern Italy’ will be a great opportunity for travellers to explore the Veneto region over the course of one week.

“The newly-added ‘Wilderness of Southern Africa Tour’ is a tremendous way for travellers to explore the area. They’ll have the chance to take in the wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and even spend time with the locals. Collette is one of the only companies to feature the Northern Lights in Alaska, Finland and Iceland. And the ‘Alaska’s Northern Lights’ tour is an Explorations experience, allowing travellers to dive below the surface and get the most out of their journey.”

2. Why should travel advisors book their groups with Collette, and what can you tell us about what qualifies as a group?

“Travel advisors should book their groups with Collette because of the excellent relationship the company has maintained with its advisors for many years. Earlier this summer, Collette hosted the ASTA’s board meetings at its Pawtucket, RI headquarters.

“As for a minimum number of travellers needed to qualify as a group, there actually isn’t one!”

3. What’s in it for travel advisors?

“Collette is launching a new rewards program for its advisors, allowing them to save on tours themselves!

“With the new program, advisors will be rewarded for booking more travellers on Collette tours. Starting with discounts of 50%, advisors will receive bigger savings on land tours for bigger numbers of bookings within a single year.

“They’ll have the opportunity to increase that number all the way to 100% if they book over 40 seats. Advisors will also receive discounted rates for companions, starting at 25%.”

4.What stats can you share that underline the success of summer 2023 for Collette?

“2023 as a whole has been the best year in Collette’s long history. Travellers are eager to get back into the world and explore now that travel is safe again.”

5.What do you want agents to know for the coming months as they’re selling Collette trips for spring and summer 2024?

“Italy, Ireland, and Iceland are all selling extremely well for us. In particular, we’ve seen a significant gravitation towards our Explorations products. We’re finding that travellers are interested in the smaller-group product these days. Our Explorations experiences offer more in-depth features while on tour. Things like home-hosted meals, local cooking classes, and much more have been a hit with Collette’s travellers.”

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