CLIA’s two new online courses include ‘Power Selling Techniques’

CLIA’s two new online courses include ‘Power Selling Techniques’

WASHINGTON — CLIA has introduced two new online courses plus three updated courses to its professional development program for travel professionals.

Here’s an overview of both the new and updated course offerings:


No business can grow and prosper without repeat business, says CLIA. This new course shows how to generate loyalty among customers. Agents will learn how to uncover hidden client needs, apply quality service and implement the 10 fundamentals to building and maintaining client loyalty.


Take your sales skills to the next level with this second new course that builds on the foundation of CLIA’s Power Selling Skills course. “Learn additional techniques that will truly turn you into the power selling travel consultant you can be. This course provides additional tips, such as the five mini steps of sales and six super selling skills. If you want to be a top-seller, you cannot afford to miss this course.” 


Learn where the popular cruise regions are and types of itineraries that are common with cruise line products in this updated course. Explore more in-depth details regarding cruise pricing and what is included in a cruise fare as well as how to position the value of a cruise vacation. Agents will also learn about the different types of ships and how the size and personal space onboard matter to clients. 


CLIA invites agents to dive into Western Hemisphere cruise geography with this participatory workshop, updated from the original. “You’ll feel as if you are visiting the popular destinations, ports and itineraries in the Western Hemisphere, viewing beautiful photos and participating in activities geared toward expanding your familiarity of the region.”


CLIA’s crash-course on Eastern Hemisphere cruise geography, also updated from the original, takes agents on a journey to the destinations, ports and itineraries in the eastern hemisphere that they need to know – and how to sell them.

“CLIA is dedicated to providing the travel professional community with training and courses that will grow their abilities to sell cruise and further their business goals,” says Stephani E.D. McDow, MCC-s, CLIA’s Director, Professional Development & Membership. “We are continuously looking for new opportunities to provide the best possible training and enhance our already top-notch programs and online courses.”

CLIA’s online courses are available to Individual Agent Members at the discounted member rate of US$29/course and non-member travel professionals at $59/course.

For more information on these new online courses and to enroll in one of CLIA’s Certification programs see

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