“This is your captain speaking”: 30-year party for Love Boat’s MacLeod

This is your captain speaking”: 30-year party for Love Boat’s MacLeod

SANTA CLARITA — Through a TV twist of fate he became one of the most recognizable faces in cruising, starring in a show that at its peak reached 90 countries worldwide. Now actor Gavin MacLeod is marking 30 years as the global ambassador for Princess Cruises, forever associated with the show ‘The Love Boat’.

The city of Santa Clarita, California, home of the world headquarters of Princess Cruises, honored MacLeod by proclaiming July 6 ‘Gavin MacLeod Princess Cruises Ambassador Day’ during a special ceremony hosted by Captain Stubing’s TV daughter Jill Whelan, who played Vicki Stubing, which was attended by hundreds of Princess employees and fans.

MacLeod has now served as the cruise line’s celebrity ambassador for three decades, exclusively promoting the premium cruise line to millions of consumers through thousands of media interviews, public appearances, travel industry conferences and onboard the Princess Cruises fleet, sharing the joys of cruising.

Princess Cruises President Jan Swartz said MacLeod will continue his ambassador duties for the line with an upcoming role as celebrity judge on the ship’s newest onboard entertainment offering, ‘The Voice of the Ocean’.

The show is based on TV’s popular international singing competition The Voice.

“We are so proud to honour Gavin MacLeod as our beloved global ambassador and treasure the impact he’s had on not only Princess Cruises but the entire industry over the last 30 years,” said Swartz.

MacLeod played the role of Captain Stubing from 1977 to 1986, as Princess Cruises served as the backdrop for what became one of the highest-rated primetime television shows in history. The show has been credited with introducing millions of viewers to contemporary cruise vacations, sparking a dramatic expansion of the industry.

MacLeod said promoting Princess has been one of the highlights of his life. “People still come up to me and tell me that ‘The Love Boat’ gave them something to dream about and now all these years later, cruising is a reality for millions and the growth of the industry just proves that dreams really do come true.”

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