Canadians Trudeau, Bieber cause a stir while vacationing overseas

Canadians Trudeau, Bieber cause a stir while vacationing overseas

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and pop star Justin Beiber, both popular Canadian public figures, have recently gotten attention on overseas vacations. Trudeau for the use of taxpayer money and Bieber for being asked to leave ruins in Tulum.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is getting used to international media attention and now he is getting tabloid headlines for vacationing with his family at an exclusive resort in the Caribbean.

TMZ reported Saturday that Trudeau stayed at a swank resort. A PMO official did not give any details about the vacation, but said the prime minister would reimburse taxpayers for the cost of his and his family’s travel.

“As per long-standing government policy because of security, the Prime Minister must use one of the RCAF planes for all his air travel, whether on official or personal business,” press secretary Andree-Lyne Halle said in an email.

“When travelling for personal reasons, and as was the case with previous prime ministers, Mr. Trudeau and members of his family travelling with him reimburse an economy airfare.”

Department of National Defence Challenger jets, used for such travel, cost about $10,000 per flying hour to operate.

Elsewhere, a Mexican official said Friday that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and his entourage were asked to leave the Mayan archaeological site of Tulum after he apparently tried to climb onto or among the ruins.

The official could not specify which of the site’s structures Bieber allegedly had climbed, but said he was “asked to leave.”

Visitors can climb some pre-Hispanic pyramids in Mexico, but officials rope off or place ‘no entry’ signs on some ruins that are considered vulnerable or unstable.

Bieber has apparently been on vacation in the Tulum area, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast south of Cancun, for several days.

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