Canadian travel overseas up, to U.S. down in September

Canadian travel overseas up, to U.S. down in September

OTTAWA — The falling Canadian dollar seems to have hit travel to the U.S. but Canadians are still travelling overseas in impressive numbers, according to Statistics Canada.

Canadian residents made 5.3 million trips abroad in September, down 0.3% from August.

Of these trips, 4.4 million were made to the United States, a 0.5% decline. This was largely attributable to fewer overnight trips.

While travel by Canadian residents to the United States declined, travel to overseas countries increased 1.1% to 895,000 trips.

Travel to Canada by U.S. residents increased in September compared with the previous month, mainly as a result of more overnight trips.

United States residents took 1.7 million trips to Canada, up 2.6% compared with August.

Overnight trips from the United States rose 3.4% to 1.0 million in September, with increases in all transportation modes.

Same-day car travel by U.S. residents rose 0.9% to 599,000 trips.

At the same time, residents of overseas countries made 448,000 trips to Canada in September, down 1.8% from August.

In September, six of the top 12 overseas markets recorded decreases in travel to Canada. The largest percentage decline was in travel by residents of Brazil (-20.9%). The largest percentage increase was in travel by residents of Hong Kong (+8.3%).

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