Canada Jetlines rolls out “playfully provocative” brand identity

VANCOUVER — Canada Jetlines has unveiled a cheeky new ‘brand promise’, one made in response to recent headlines about some of Canada’s airlines.

“The recently announced intent to acquire Air Transat by Air Canada, as well as the sale of WestJet to Onex, will only reduce competition and increase prices further,” said Canada Jetlines in an official statement. “Consumers are rightfully frustrated and fed up.”

So ahead of its commercial launch on Dec. 17, the ultra low-cost carrier announced a “playfully provocative” brand identity that includes the tagline, “Flying sucks less when you pay less.”

A new logo incorporates a face with a knowing smirk created from an upside-down plane. It includes an additional suite of expressive faces to capture every emotion of travel.

Working with Cossette, Jetlines says its new ‘identity system’ will cover every touchpoint of the brand experience, from the livery to uniforms, to signature luggage and humourous airsickness bags.

“Jetlines is fighting for Canadians by creating competition and rebelling against Canadian ultra high airfares. Our new brand promise and design reflect our core philosophy of pushing back against the status quo and giving Canadian travellers a brand that empowers them to make their own decisions,” said Javier Suarez, CEO. “I would like to thank the entire Jetlines commercial team for building such a strong brand identity that reflects our passion and values, as well as extend my most sincere gratitude to our partner, Cossette, for all of their hard work and raw talent that has brought us here today.”