Can you guess the U.S. city with the most expensive hotels?

TORONTO — If you had to guess, where in the United States would you say would set you back the most for hotel accommodations?

It’s not New York City, if that’s what you’re thinking. According to, you’re going to have to dig deep – real deep – into your wallets while in Nashville, Tennessee.

The site compared hotel rates across 50 urban destinations, giving each one an average rate for the least expensive double room during October, the month during which which hotel rates in U.S. cities tend to be at their highest. Only centrally located hotels rated 3 stars or more were considered for the survey.

With an average price of US$223 for the most affordable room, Nashville came at the top of the rankings.

Only slightly more affordable is Boston, where the average rate came out as $221 per night. Rounding out the top three is San Jose, where visitors in October must dish out an average $214 for the least expensive room.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, by far the cheapest destination in the U.S. is Las Vegas, where an overnight visitor is likely to find a room for around $70 per night. Also affordable are San Antonio, Baltimore and Fresno, all of which have average hotel rates below $100 per night.

Here are the top 10 most expensive cities:

1. Nashville ($223)
2. Boston ($221)
3. San Jose ($214)
4. San Francisco ($209)
5. Albuquerque ($198)
6. New York City ($196)
7. Austin ($189)
8. Los Angeles ($186)
9. Dallas ($185)
10. Detroit ($185)

For the full results of the survey, go to

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