Can you guess the top Instagrammed wedding locations in the world?

TORONTO — In this age of likes and follows, it’s rare to not document milestone moments on Instagram, whether it be a holiday, a birthday or a wedding.

After all, if it doesn’t happen on Instagram, did it ever happen at all?

To inspire the most Instagram-worthy weddings, Flowercard has compiled the 20 most Instagrammed wedding destinations based on data collected. Though none of the top 10 locales are that surprising, the list definitely comes in handy for anyone looking to say ‘I do’s’ in destinations guaranteed to be picture-perfect.

Here are the top 10 most Instagrammed wedding spots:

  1. Bali – 1,570,192 posts
  2. New York City – 750,000 posts
  3. Miami – 601,302 posts
  4. Los Angeles – 406,896 posts
  5. Las Vegas – 386,437 posts
  6. Arizona – 371,929 posts
  7. San Francisco – 221,804 posts
  8. Tuscany – 182,309 posts
  9. Paris – 173,950 posts
  10. Santorini – 128,153 posts

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