Calgary boys have their dreams crushed after being told they’re going to Disney – not Winnipeg
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Calgary boys have their dreams crushed after being told they’re going to Disney – not Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — What kid wouldn’t want to go to Disney World? Jonathan and Ethan Byers, that’s who.

The two brothers from Calgary have unwittingly found themselves at the centre of a marketing campaign after a home video of their parents surprising them with a Disney trip went gone viral.

According to The Star, the 40-second clip, which was shot in 2013, shows eight-year-old Jonathan and six-year-old Ethan being told the news that their dream trip was a no-go. The hilarity of the clip comes from the fact that their dream trip isn’t to Disney World, aka The Happiest Place On Earth. Instead, the two boys were holding out hope for a trip to Winnipeg.

As part of their elaborate ruse to surprise them with a Disney trip, parents Ian and Chantalle had previously told the boys that they were visiting family in the Canadian city. However, on the morning of departure (and after dressing the boys in matching Mickey Mouse t-shirts), the parents broke the news to them that they were going to see Mickey instead.

Their reactions are both priceless and totally unexpected.

“You said we were going to Winnipeg! You’re such a liar!” Jonathan yells, before exiting stage right with the declaration that he will not be going to the plane. Ethan, on the other hand, merely utters a somber “No!” when told the news, before plopping down on the couch in utter defeat.

Four years later, their Winnipeg family convinced Ian and Chantalle to submit the hilarious video to Tourism Winnipeg, which posted it on Facebook with the caption “Is Winnipeg the real Magic Kingdom?” Since it was posted on Nov. 2, the video has been viewed over 208,000 times.

Ian tells The Star that the family did eventually board the plane to Florida, and that the boys ended up having a “magical” time at Disney World. Nothing against Disney, but we bet Winnipeg would have been just as magical!

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