Bucket-list family will spend the next 30 days at Disney World

Bucket-list family will spend the next 30 days at Disney World

ORLANDO – Can you ever tire of the happiest place on earth? One family is about to find out.

According to People, the Gee family, known on social media channels as the ‘Bucket List family’ who’s spent the past two years travelling the world with their two young kids, is about to ditch their hiking boots and backpacks for a pair of mouse ears.

Tech entrepreneur Garret, his wife Jessica and their children Dorothy and Manilla have won a Disney-sponsored vacation called ’30 Stays in 30 Days’, which will see the adventurous family explore the resort’s four theme parks and two water parks over the course of one month. They’ll visit with some of Disney’s 70,000 ‘cast members’, explore some 40 square miles of park land, and stay in a different hotel every night, using only a game to determine where their next stop will be.

It may seem like quite the departure from their usual travels, which have included diving with whales in Tonga and building a school in Nepal. Over the past 16 months, the family has visited 32 countries and taken 70 flights to embark on a “humanitarian adventure around the world”, focusing on three key things: adventure, culture and service.

To see whether their new Disney vacation will be as every bit as adventurous as their other worldly experiences, follow along on disney30stays30days.com.

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