Bird enthusiasts flock to Myanmar to find previously unrecorded species

YANGON, Myanmar – Myanmar bird enthusiasts have counted 1,114 bird species including 20 undocumented species between 2010 and 2014 in Myanmar, seven of which are endemic to the country.

One of the surveyors, Thet Zaw Naing, said the Great Frigate and the Pied Falconet are among 20 previously undocumented birds spotted during the four-year field survey by the Bird and Nature Society, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Flora and Fauna International and several other bird-enthusiast associations.

Myanmar is seen as one of Asia’s last bastions of biodiversity in part because decades of isolation under harsh military rule allowed the country to avoid the often rampant development experienced in other parts of the region.

Environmentalists worry that could change as economic development expands into agriculture land and results in the destruction of grasslands.