Bahia Principe says it has reduced sargassum at its Mexico resorts by 95%

MIAMI — Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts says its Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan has resulted in a successful 95% reduction of the presence of sargassum on the beaches of its Mexico properties.

The plan was implemented to re-establish the natural balance of local ecosystems, says Bahia Principe. The hotel and resort group collaborated with a maritime services company to assist in the protection of its beaches via the deployment of a series of networks to contain, accumulate and redirect sargassum.

The new and innovative technologies include a non-invasive barrier system put in place by a team of marine biologists, oceanographers, engineers and divers, one that operates with respect to the marine fauna and flora, says the company.

To ensure all measures that influence the local ecosystem are carried out with respect to the environment, the brand also consulted with several engineering companies, government agencies and relevant government ministries. Eco-Bahia, Bahia Principe’s ecological foundation will evaluate the effectiveness of these measures.

Bahia Principe has also implemented additional measures at its properties in Jamaica and the D.R., to reduce erosion at beaches, preserve the dune systems and their vegetation, manage the infrastructure in the coastal environment including waste systems, protect the aquatic system and its flora and fauna, preserve water quality, promote sustainable fishing measure, and raise awareness and educate communities close to the sea.

“The most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows that coastal systems are particularly sensitive to three factors linked to climate change: sea level, temperature, and ocean acidity,” says Antonia del Toro, director of corporate social responsibility for Grupo Piñero, the brand’s parent company. “At Grupo Piñero, we are aware of this reality and of our responsibility to find solutions that preserve the destinations in which we operate and have therefore implemented this project that combines environmental actions with the vital work of raising social awareness.”

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