Avoya looks to grow its agency network with new B2B JoinAvoya.com site

Avoya looks to grow its agency network with new B2B JoinAvoya.com site

FT. LAUDERDALE — Avoya Travel’s new B2B website, JoinAvoya.com, “delivers on Avoya’s new brand strategy by redefining travel agents as a modern and essential component to the travel industry’s renewed and growing dependence on travel professionals”, says the company.

Avoya has a network of independently owned and operated travel agencies, including several agencies in Canada. Avoya is also an American Express Travel Representative (for more than 25 years) and its largest seller of cruises and tours.

The new website will help to expand Avoya’s Independent Agency Network by engaging more new-to-the-industry and seasoned travel professionals, said Jeff Anderson, Executive Vice President, Avoya Travel. “The travel industry is experiencing a growing demand for travel professionals as value-driven consumers opt for more custom vacation experiences and personal service,” he said. “JoinAvoya.com reintroduces vacation planning as a fulfilling and profitable business opportunity to attract high-quality individuals and grow Avoya’s Independent Agency Network to provide travelers with even greater service and value.”

JoinAvoya.com is a “crucial platform” for the company’s new B2B brand campaign, Let’s Reimagine Vacation Planning Together, he added.

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