Air Canada does not support jets landing at Toronto’s island airport

MONTREAL – Air Canada (TSX:AC) says it does not support changes aimed at allowing jets to land at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

The airline says its preferred approach is expanding turboprop operations at the airport, but says no consideration has been given to that idea.

The island airport is a popular choice for travellers because of easy access to downtown Toronto.

Porter Airlines is seeking changes that would allow it to operate jets at the airport on Toronto’s waterfront.

Among other things, allowing jets to use the airport would require extending the runway at both ends by filling in parts of Lake Ontario.

Opponents have raised concerns about what jets might mean to the marine life and residential noise levels.

“We do not support jets at Billy Bishop – we prefer to see a growing downtown airport focused on short-haul passengers using modern turboprop aircraft, which would be more consistent with the spirit and intent of the original tripartite agreement at Billy Bishop,” Air Canada said.

“Port Toronto’s focus on jets is not defensible as Billy Bishop can certainly prosper and grow as a turboprop airport, serving communities within the two-hour range that can be accomplished with Toronto-assembled Bombardier Q400 aircraft.”


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