Agent goes viral after posting video of himself mocking OTA user
David van de Meer's video has been viewed 117,000 times

Agent goes viral after posting video of himself mocking OTA user

PERTH — An Australian travel agent has become a social media star and hero among agents after posting a mock video that highlights the pitfalls of booking with an OTA.

In the video, which has received 117,000 views on Facebook, David van de Meer from helloworld in South Perth, Australia is seen having a mock phone conversation with a fictitious caller who’s desperate to rebook their flight to Bali following the recent Tigerair suspension.

It becomes clear through the one-way conversation that the traveller in question used an OTA to book their original flight, and is now trying to get van de Meer to rebook via the same channel. After patiently listening to the caller, van de Meer gives this prompt and unbothered response: “It has nothing to do with me.”

Van de Meer, who says he would never actually address a traveller in such a manner, says that agents are receiving calls like this more frequently. He is quick to remind travellers of the benefits of booking with a travel agent, who can offer assistance throughout the booking process.

He posted the following message on Facebook:

Hi everyone,

I love reading all your comments but remember this was a mock scenario intended for my friends who know my whacky sense of humor. It’s gone a bit nuts on FB ?

I am the total professional and pride myself on great customer service and thorough knowledge of the travel industry. I will help anyone out regardless of how they originally booked.

Everyone needs a great travel agent as we cover your back before, during and after you have returned from your holiday.

Give me a call on 08 9367 6300 or email and enjoy the ease of service.

Posted by David van der Meer on Thursday, January 12, 2017

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